Saturday, May 1, 2010


Sunday - Chicken Saltimbocca, cream topped grapes, rolls
Monday - Cubesteak & gravy (, mashed potatoes, salad
Tuesday - Tortalini (in some kind of sauce - haven't decided yet), salad
Wednesday - Herbed Chicken in Wild Rice(, glazzed carrots
Thursday - homemae pizza
Friday -  teriyaki burgers, homemade french fries, watermellon
Saturday - cobb salad (kids have deconstucted salad ;o), homemade bread
(we put in the salad: lettuce, bacon, cheese, avacado, mushrooms, carrots, ham, chicken, bell peppers, gorgonzola crumbles)


  1. I'm going to do your last weeks food plan this week. :) don't actually feel pressured to keep doing this blog if you don't want to but I do think its a great idea because its a pain (in my opinion) to make a weekly meal plan but its fun to copy yours lol

  2. just a warning - last weeks menu was expensive! too much beef in one week i think.

  3. thankful for the list - i sometimes just run out of ideas and it is nice to have someone else's input

  4. I was thinking it seemed like a lot of meat after our last weeks meal plan because I was working on less meat lol and expensive types of meat too. but the steak sounds good so do the ribs... and the sloppy joes lol Jim will love this weeks plan if I do it all.